a studio & gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Green River Pottery is a ceramics studio & gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, featuring pots made by me, Theo Helmstadter. The work is stoneware – durable, designed for use – with the muted colors, the earthy textures, the quiet beauty of traditional stoneware form. A good pot is one that will still be beautiful in a hundred years, or a thousand – one that, like any good piece of art, you continue to discover, you encounter again and again for the first time.

Welcome to the website – and if you’re in town please drop by – I’m here 9-6 everyday, usually, but feel free to call or text to make sure.

stoneware teapot & tray
stoneware teapot with ash glaze – 5″ x 9″ x 5″
slab-built tray with ash glaze – 3″ x 14″ x 9″
cup with incised pattern – 3″ x 3″

As the weather warms, I usually stop using a teapot. I start drinking tea by the glass. But it snowed last Saturday here…and this teapot has been sitting in the gallery in a spot where I can see it…I can testify that it pours beautifully. It is a satisfying, compact, introverted form….click to view additional images.